Conduct Surveys Efficiently and Effectively

Whether you are trying to capture feedback from your customers or your employees, S2C’s comprehensive range of survey tools help you achieve all your research objectives.

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Digitize Data Capture With Sophisticated Survey Tools

With the help of advanced survey tools, organizations can significantly improve their survey outputs and automate much of the process. Accelerate your research efforts and capture meaningful insights to facilitate business decision making.

Reliable Data Collection

Reduce human interventation in survey execution and conduct perfectly engineered surveys for collection of relevant, and reliable data with minimal error.

Strong Survey Administration

Empower your survey administrators with structured survey roll-outs across multiple channels, centralized data consolidation, data sanitization, and voice to text transfer.

Optimum Utilization of Time and Resources

With conditioned sampling and triggered survey roll out on the most critical moments, you can avoid over sampling and biased data collection.

Capture Stakeholder Feedback In Real-Time

Deploy the most advanced and carefully designed survey tools by S2C to capture real-time data from every critical touchpoint. We offer the best in industry survey solutions that can help you maximize your research output.

  • Faster survey distribution
  • Higher relevance and responsiveness
  • Automated data capture

Multi-lingual & Responsive Surveys

If you have a globally distributed audience and much of the data gets skewed in translation, then you need multi-lingual survey tools by S2C. Our surveys are responsive to every personal device and translatable in hundreds of languages.

  • Reach customers on the device of their choice
  • Translate survey language for maximum responsiveness
  • Reduced data errors and inconsistencies

Exhaustive Range of Questions and Scales

Access a wide range of question types and scales to suit your survey needs. S2C’s survey tools come with structured question formats for capturing ratings, rankings, NPS, multiple-choice responses, subjective responses, and much more.

  • Achieve multiple research objectives
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative responses
  • Smoother data processing and analysis

Ready-made Survey Templates To Save Time

Use ready-made survey templates by S2C and customize them as per your study. Pre-designed templates not only save you time and expedite survey roll-out but also avoid missing out on critical study elements.

  • Faster survey design
  • Capture relevant metrics
  • Complete control and flexibility

Complete control and flexibility

Whether you are planning market research studies, surveys for brand testing, or employee engagement surveys; a specialized range of software solutions can simplify your research efforts. These very solutions are called survey tools. Survey tools are specially designed with a focus on every stage of the research process and, therefore, provide solutions like –

  • Survey Planning
  • Respondent recruitment
  • Survey distribution
  • Data sanitization
  • Methodology selection
  • Survey design
  • Respondent follow-up
  • Administration support

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