Find the right answers to take timely actions

Use the innovative and customer-experience centric Survey2Connect platform to investigate your business challenges, analyze and explore viable solutions, and devise groundbreaking strategies.

Automate Your Learning To Derive Actionable Insights

Learn how your internal and external stakeholders perceive your brand, assess billions of data points to analyze customer sentiment, and take pragmatic actions to grow sustainably.

Customer Experience

Continuously improve your market offerings and give meaning to every single customer interaction. Learn how your customers find out about you, how they choose to do business with you, which are their preferred channels, and how you can create a great customer experience to generate positive customer sentiments.

  • Branded Surveys
  • Omni Channel Collection Suite
  • Dashboards
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Closing The Loop

Digital Research

Use S2C’s versatile digital solutions to manage your on-field and off-field research activities. Minimize manual errors and process lags by digitally capturing, analyzing, and reporting data. Identify data trends with AI-enabled analytics tools and generate data insights that are impossible to form manually.

  • Audience
  • Field Management

Brand Experience

Learn how your customers perceive and experience your brand, before bringing changes that enhance value and customer delight. Access relevant audiences to test communications that work and enter the market for maximum impact.

  • UI/UX Testing
  • Ad Testing

Employee Experience

Employees capture valuable information about your products, processes, and customer perception. Employee experience is thus a powerful indicator of your organization’s health. Use holistic S2C tools to capture your employee feedback from multiple touch points and improve overall employee engagement by basing strategic actions on their inputs.

  • Employee Pulse
  • 360° Degree Feedback
  • Employee Engagement


Accelerate your research process by developing high-quality audience cohorts to participate in your surveys from time to time

  • Global Panel
  • Quality

Brands Have Grown
Stronger With S2C

We have helped hundreds of brands in better understanding their markets and customer expectations. Our customizable and automated research solutions have helped the world’s most trusted brands become even stronger.

Lead Your Industry With Great Customer Experiences

We are committed to helping you build unforgettable customer experiences and emerging as a market leader in your industry.

Automate Integrations

We offer tools and platforms that can be automatically integrated with your existing resources, expediting your data collection, and subsequent analysis without incurring unrealistic costs.

Analyze Every Experience

Use our advanced analytics tools for grouping your audiences, determining market potential and performing sentiment analysis. We leave no room for error and analyze every important brand experience through AI, giving you actionable insights.

Top Notch Security

S2C has a proactive security system for customer’s data. We have protected servers with trusted data centres that are monitored constantly.

Regional Data Centers

By prioritizing data security, we are providing data centers in India, Dubai, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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The online survey platform from Survey2Connect is simple, seamless in terms of preparation and real-time accessibility in terms viewing the results. Definitely a good platform in the current scheme of events in order to develop our products and proposition.

NCB subscribed to survey2connect in order to assess the efficiency of its Branches and Digital service channels. The results were very satisfying as Survey2Connect not only delivered on the promise of fast and speedy data collection but also on the interpretation and conversion processes.

Customers are at heart of Bupa Arabia which helped us succeed even in the toughest times. EFM (Survey2Connect) has become heart of our Voice of Customer / Moment of Truth researches; enabled us to reach over half a million customers, last year. Great team behind this platform.