Close Every Customer Interaction Successfully

Understand the nuanced dynamics of every single customer interaction and determine factors that can convert prospects into customers. With S2C’s solutions for closing the loop, you will never remain in the dark about your customers’ motivations.

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Use The Power Of Data To Maximize Conversions

Partner with S2C to install closing the loop solutions into your existing sales and operational processes. Gather critical customer feedback to drive every customer interaction to success.

Capture Event-Driven Feedback

Trigger feedback collection for every outbound communication and inbound query. Integrate event-driven feedback to better understand the resources needed for successfully closing the loop.

Intelligent Analytics

Perform advanced data analytics with S2C’s AI-powered closing the loop tools. Run sophisticated marketing campaigns to reduce customer churn and bring engaged customers back to the business.

Customer Delight With Personalized Experiences

Analyze every single customer interaction to personalize customer experiences. Use customer feedback to modify processes and customize your offerings. Deliver delightful customer experiences that turn them into brand advocates.

Keep Customers Engaged

To successfully close the loop, you need to keep your customers engaged from the point of information search till after the purchase is complete. Identify important events that can trigger feedback collection automatically and generate inputs for process improvement.

  • On-site Feedback Collection
  • Customer Feedback via email or SMS
  • During and Post-Purchase interaction

Map Individual Behavior

Identify every single interaction that results in either completion of sales or causes customers to abandon purchase intention. Use S2C’s ‘closing the loop’ tools to collect real-time data and map individual customer behavior for process improvement.

  • Diverse Question Types For Detractor Recovery Surveys
  • Individual Case History Tracked In Detail
  • Macro View Customer Behavior Through Dashboard

Increase Repeat Business

Make a potent mix of your value proposition and market communication to close every single customer interaction successfully. Engage customers in regular post-purchase interactions to prompt repeat purchases, referrals, up-selling, and cross-selling.

  • Define Concrete SLAs for Service Resolution Teams
  • Customer Engagement Beyond Issue Resolution
  • Positive Brand Experience For Repeat Business

Automatically Assign Tickets

S2C’s extensive ‘closing the loop’ suite enables you to manage customer grievances and process issues by generating issue resolution tickets and automatically assigning them to relevant stakeholders.

  • Address Every Customer Issue On Priority
  • Track Ticket Resolution Through Assignees
  • Effective Detractor Recovery With Process Improvement

Understanding Closing The Loop For Business

For your brand to grow sustainably, you need to understand what converts your leads into paying customers and what keeps them with you. Closing the loop solutions collect relevant customer feedback at every step of the sales process to develop business insights.

  • Event Triggers
  • Survey Alerts
  • Define SLAs
  • Ticket Assigning
  • Survey Schedules
  • Survey Follow-ups
  • Detractor Recovery
  • Add Watchers

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