Adopt The Omni Channel Approach

Reach out to your customers through an expansive network of channels to capture their feedback and valuable insights about your brand.

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Understanding Omni Channel Feedback Collection The Loop Means?

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Capture The Customer Journey In Its Entirety

Your customers interact with your brand through various touchpoints and on diverse channels. With Omni Channel feedback collection, you can –

  • Integrate Customer Experience & Operations data
  • Gather voice and text feedback
  • Engage Employees in Feedback Collection

Relying on only select channels for gathering customer feedback can limit the accuracy of your data and the depth of insights that you can develop. Reach your customers across platforms in a synchronized manner and capture how they experience your brand.

Most Comprehensive Feedback Collection Tool In The Market

Gathering critical customer experience information from multiple data points made easier.

Achieve Maximum
Customer Reach

Don’t limit your understanding of how customers experience your brand by collecting feedback through selective channels. Reach the highest percentage of your customers and listen to their feedback through Omni Channel.

Integrate Customer Experience
Across Channels

How your customers are able to provide feedback says a lot about your brand. Give them a unified and integrated experience of being heard by adopting the Omni Channel approach.

Develop Direct, Indirect and
Inferred Data Insights

Your customers interact differently with your brand through different channels. Listen to your customer’s voice when they provide direct or indirect feedback. Capture inferred feedback by integrating data insights across channels.

Create Omni Channel Feedback Surveys

Measure With Speed
& Accuracy

No need to limit your data collection and market research campaigns to only those channels for which you can create surveys. Use S2C’s Omni-channel collection suite for optimal feedback collection in real-time.

  • Design feedback collection forms in minutes
  • Customize your surveys as per channels
  • View captured data on integrated dashboards

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